Not For My Deeds

Wishing the “duality of man” were better understood; how great are our abilities, so terrible our actions can be, likewise. We’ve an innate kindness nested with selfishness. Are we aware of which master we choose to serve, each day? Can we overcome one and dispose of the other? Should we? Or should we keep both to better appreciate the need and benefits gained, one from the other? Do they compliment each other or are they simply detrimental to us?

We cannot serve two masters, for we shall love the one and hate the other, right? How does one properly wrestle this? How best to select one or the other seem left up to the individual. But that is not the case. We shall always struggle against sin and our sinful ways, for that is the nature, by default, of mankind. The Holy Spirit, which abides in us, helps; it is the “Helper” and the “Comforter” for many great reasons.

To be more like Christ in our daily walk, we must allow the indwelling Spirit to do its job. Without resistance, given to supplication, humility and profound knowledge of our very need for its presence, we must be willing to be directed. The more of Christ which is within us, the less of things unlike Christ, can remain. For instance, one cannot completely fill a jar with more than one material at that same time. Different matter cannot occupy the same space at the same time. If the jar is completely filled with water, it cannot then by filled with sand also, while retaining the same amount of water. One will cause the other to be displaced. In this way, if we are filled with flaw, but allow ourselves to be filled with perfection, one will displace the other. Imperfection will be removed by displacement and occupation of perfection, in its place.

Always, there shall remain choice; we can affect the balances of the “fillers”. But when we maintain our desire to serve the Lord, knowing He is an endless, flowing fountain of Living Water, we learn and benefit. This fountain, continues to flow and whatever sand we allow into our life, it is easily and constantly being washed away {displaced} by the water.

Your faith shall always prevail, if you maintain your desire upon the Kingdom and the Father, to whom your heart belongs. Be of good cheer and strong. Grace will ever, surpass wrath when we make ourselves subject to the Lord.


Enduring Our Loss – Keeping Our Hope

So often, it’s been said of me, that I should’ve been born in another time. People often suggest a time, perhaps, like the early 1900’s; I tend to agree.

Upon reflection, my meager length of life has provided such an awe. Greatly, has our nation and its peoples changed; I do not say progressed. Once, we were a people of good cheer, kindness, morals, ethics. Consideration for others was simply a way of life; there was a natural, instinctual, respect for one another.

Such disdain, dissatisfaction…an utter reproach toward the manner in which our once, great nation, has run itself into the reef. We are taking on water and seemingly, in desperate fear of the possibilities of hopelessness.

Hard times come with realization – priorities change, understanding unfolds – what we must do now, what we have done in order to achieve this situation, etc. Eventually, it will come down to survival, hinged upon absolute necessity.

What hopelessness might await our people? Will there come a time wherein, we fully, insightfully and with humility, measure our failure before the Lord? As a nation, as a people, merely as children of our beloved Creator, we will find ourselves before Him. Either in wrath, pleading for mercy or in awe, thankful for additional grace…we will certainly come to an ends.

Gratitude affords me hope, in that, we have solemn promise from the Lord. If we seek Him with all our heart, we shall find Him. God is not hidden from us, and He has not yet turned His back upon us. God is able to have patience, for a time. Nevertheless, God awaits us to present ourselves before Him, not the other way around.

For the people that will continue to walk in God’s ways, remaining in God’s will, we shall know His grace, mercy and love. People who refuse Him, will assuredly know His wrath. Yes, believers shall see times of severe difficulty, but we shall face it with perfect clarity that God loves us and provides a means, a way and an end.

Prayer is a byproduct of faith, which comes from patience. Without faith, we cannot speak prayers to the Father; it would be completely futile and senseless. We must have the genuine faith He exists, that He is the only, true God, as well as hope that our promises shall be rewarded us for our good, faithfulness.

What I hope to convey and trust to assure, is that we shall never be completely without hope. We, His children, shall never be cut off from Him, cannot be removed from His will or cast out. Salvation is secured, hope is constant, faith is required.

Look always unto the Father, seek Him in all your way. Let there be no questions, debates or confusions about a complete certainty; God answers when we speak to Him. God ALWAYS listens and inclines His ear to us.

Salvation – Not just a confession

Salvation comes to you NOT because you are sorry that you got caught. For God always knew.

When you have wronged someone dear to you, you apologize. But let me tell you something about repenting of sins and seeking salvation. It is not about admitting you have sinned! Not at all! God already knows that, folks.

Salvation is about sincerely understanding that I have personally offended the God of Creation, with my sins against Him! It is when I apologize to Him and confess that I have wronged Him – when I seek forgiveness for my personal offense to Him – which has kept me separated from His grace and mercy, until now.