The “Shallow Hal” of Faith

Do you approach faith in such a superficial way? Is Sunday morning the depth of your resolve and dedication? Never wanting or desiring what is truth, to be filled with greater faith and the indwelling Spirit? How many seek only the gratification of appearance and bare-minimums of their relationships with Christ; actually believing that this is enough.

Is your faith in God nothing more than shallow interest? In the alluded-to movie, a man was transfigured from shallow lusts to seeing past his surface observations; the very same will occur to those who seek God from what is beyond first glance.

Such is the depth of God, love of Christ and measure of the Holy Spirit, that they are immeasurable! Fools count it sufficient, being contented while the wise in heart, seek knowledge. A relationship with God is unspeakably rewarding, an outward glance offers nothing more than scratching the surface. If you are not seeing the rewards, you are not digging deeply enough, plain and simple.

Seek the Lord with all your heart, not just your eyes, and you shall find Him. But you will find  He has always awaited you. God doesn’t look for you; He knows where you are and is always near you. Call upon Him, search for Him and He will draw close to you.

But you must endure beyond mild interest, shallow inhibitions and narrow-minded reservations. Jesus is open to you remaining at your door. He knocks and awaits, that He might enter in, dwell and remain with you. This is NOT a figurative suggestion, it is a factual statement. Jesus stands outside the door of your temple, wishes to enter and reside remaining therein.

If you will look inside the Bible, not judging by its plain-looking cover, you will find the depths of beauty, truly within. It is like an outwardly  unattractive person in the eyes of the shallow man or woman…what has it that I want? But if you will humble yourself to learn the truths of its interior, you will know love and fulfillment liken to nothing you have ever shared.

The Gospel is beautiful! Will you remain shallow and refuse it upon face-value and lack of attraction to it? Or will you be man or woman enough to surpass your shallowness?

The reward is beyond your belief…just outside of your sight, in what is called, faith.