More Than Conquerors

In the book of Romans, we read this passage, from chapter 8, verse 37: “Nay, in all things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.” But what do we understand from this verse? As with most all verses, there are multitudes or truths, layers of wisdom to be seen. In itself, at face-value, what does this scripture tell us? Foremost and obvious, that we are not made to have partial victory. We are, through Christ, to know, complete, decidedly-biased, utterly-full, absolute victory, in every battle. For we are victorious in and through, Jesus Christ, who reigns, over all.

Yet, in the very same passage, we learn that which we achieve, through Christ, we must also be, as Christ, in all respects. We are made more than  conquerors, we are made…merciful. We are made generous, kind, lenient, loving and forgiving, in Christ. We are not to have enemies, even though, others are enemies toward us, our hearts should remain, loving, toward them. Even those we must overcome and conquer, we should be like Christ, toward them. So that our conquering, may bring them into Christ, by love, seeing the true victory as reconciliation to the Father, rather than defeat by casting out.

When confrontation(s) arise(s) with those of  whom present themselves as an enemy, let us not assume the same manner or nature or status, of their hearts. But let us remain, in and with, the heart of Christ. Being much more, inclined toward reconciling, peacemaking and peacekeeping, rather than a warring heart. Let us first (and always) seek understanding and forgiveness, remaining compassionate and gentle, before all else. If there must be a battle, allow God to fight it, if it must be fought. Allow God to prevail as Christ goes before us with perfected, reason, judgment and discernment.

Even a conqueror can be merciful during the conquest. Not always, does blood need to be spilled or harsh words spoken to arrive at a victorious, outcome. We have much to learn from Christ, much to understand from the character of God, the Father and the gentleness of the Holy Spirit. Let our meekness and mildness, always precede, abstaining from spitefulness, cruelty and mercilessness.




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