Give All, That You May Receive All

With surrender to the Lord, abandoning and forsaking oneself in order to present a perfectly-willing, humble and honest, servant; be prepared to reconcile your account.

That the hope of mercy and grace might be rewarded to you; this is God’s love, which may prosper beyond His judgement. For righteous judgement would spare not, any man. But by the abundance of grace, given by Christ Jesus, we may receive what He has made available to all.

Let there always remain, the Lamb, between us and the Father, with respect to justice in judgement. For by this Mediator, when can be with the Father, without blame.

Having received the gift, by sacrifice, that is our pardon, we are reconciled to our Lord, Most High. No longer blemished but made perfect, in and through Christ, that we may be found innocent and pure.


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