History Repeats

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Firstly, some fun facts about Israel: http://israelcampusbeat.org/archives/2548/65-facts-for-israel-at-65/. A good many of these I did not know.

For quite some while now, I’ve marveled as to how the early Israelites and yes, even Jesus’ disciples, unceasingly stumbled. Mismanaging themselves, muddling, floundering, then return to righteousness before God; Israelites perplex and bewilder me.  Focusing on early peoples of early Israel, how could they possibly see the proofs and loyalty of God, while perpetually failing Him? What would seem as incredulousness in the face of credibility, are their very actions, in light of God’s pronounced presence. Yet, as often God would grant them reprieve, show pity through enduring generosity, they inevitably stubble, revert and regress.

Those of whom are familiarized with Old Testament scripture, Israel seemed doomed unto themselves. After all God consummated, even up to Elijah’s proving upon Mount Carmel, the people of Israel ebb into degeneration.

http://www.goodreads.com/quotes/tag/doomed-to-repeat-it lists some quotes from folks about repetitive history and what can be assured of those who do not observe lessons gleaned from ones past. Insanity, as I have read, is “Repeating the same actions with the expectation of a different outcome”. Has our nation become insane? Has America not learned or taken away, one useful morsel from the past? Even insomuch as setting the Bible aside, looking only at worldly events; we should well have prospered from this.

We [Americans] follow in the very footsteps of early Israel. God is, and has, for countless generations, beckoned us return. God, remaining ever tolerant and slow to anger, has allowed us to continue in our ways. But I suggest that we are being called back and called-out.

The Lord has made Himself, quite clear if we want to be candid in this matter, about His ways and His will. It is neither left to supposition or to debate as to what is expected of mankind with regard to its behavior and actions. God has granted us mercy for a time.

My personal puzzlement arrives in fashion of stupefaction. How is it, aside from the daily, gradual nudging, that we have ventured so distant? With reams, astounding volumes of historical information and insights at our disposal; we are as ignorant as a people centuries past. Basking in our arrogance, conceit, self-serving, intellectual prowess we have come to have almost a contempt for God in such a sublime manner. Most, likely do not even realize the subtlety with which we’ve fallen away.

Always, I return to his posed question, “How long will you limp between the two divisions?” How long will we debate, postulate, vacillate and finally, refuse? Have we become such stubborn, disrespectful and unmindful children? When will we honor our Father?

Church, people, multitude…will you hear my cry in the wilderness?


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