Having borrowed this image from a dear friend’s post this morning, I think it befitting to strategically place it at the top, center of my writing. Perhaps, for the symbolism. Perhaps for its need to be at the forefront of our minds each day. Perhaps, so that you grasp and take away, this fact, if nothing more.

What GRACE is, is an unmerited GIFT, by the Lord God, through his mercy, to the undeserving. Grace is given out of nothing more than perfect love and willingness to bestow upon another, what they’ve done nothing to receive. Grace is a gift, for which, we would be utterly condemned, without.

Grace comes in many forms; the most recognizable of course, is Jesus Christ’s death as a means of complete pardon. But grace comes to us in a plentitude of ways, in that, God listens to us, inclines His ear and answers. Now, for those that truly understand this, there is an endless revelation to be found in that statement. For many others, they will struggle to wrap their minds around it. Grace is awe-inspiring!

Who recalls a man, a famous writer and apostle who said “This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief.”? Or perhaps, Solomon, David, Jonah, Peter, were they not granted grace even when they seemingly didn’t merit its gift?

Who then, are we? Are we not a people of God? Is His promise not given even to us as Paul said? It does not matter that you have sinned or how great, in your mind, that you consider that sin to be. God is greater than ALL sin! And that said, He is not only able, but – this is the blessing of grace – WILLING to forgive them of you.

As for your sin; sin separates us from God like a perfect wedge. Grace removes that wedge. Satan “reminds” us of sin. God forgives and forgets them as though “they never existed”. From the day that you confess them, the moment you ask, RECEIVE your forgiveness and forgive yourself, also. You are not greater than He and it is also required that we forgive others (this includes yourself) or we shall not be forgiven.

I do not mean to preach to you this morning, forgive me. But the light of what is brilliantly shining before you is not meant to be placed where it cannot be seen! Grace shines and rains down upon you; you need only stand beneath it.

Having borrowed this image from a dear friend’s


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