How is defeat an option? Why do you not CLAIM the very same empowerment you are given as every king, disciple, apostle, priest, servant, etc. in the Bible??? You HAVE been given the same Holy Spirit, granted by the same God, by the complete authority of Jesus Christ. You are, after all….ALL those things; each title above is also yours!

Let me share with you a simple thought which seems to evade many people while praying. NEVER simply ask something from God or conclude with “if it be Your will”. I tell you this because ALL things are granted when we ask and it IS HIS WILL that we should be given what we need.

Do not doubt or give questions to God. Why try to cause God to debate His promise, for He will not! He will honor His word to you, always. Has anyone read the book of James? Hebrews? The majority of the Bible? Receive what you ask for, without doubt!!

If you woke up tomorrow, as a king or queen…would you act differently? If you knew you now had such an important position and responsibility, would you not step up to the expectations? My point?  If you truly understood what was expected of you, what you were capable of and the position you now hold – you were, after all, reborn and baptized, right – why would you continue to live as a servant to denial?  We are kings! We are “new creatures” with awesome abilities! Do not deny your heritage, position or the empowerment of your faith. Go forth and DO what you have been given, by your “re-birth rights” to do!


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